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Speaking Engagements

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce ThinkUp Conversations, an extraordinary approach to keynote speaking and special events designed to elevate the art of dialogue and connection. As "Sophia, The Conversation Alchemist," I have meticulously crafted an experience that harnesses the power of our Talk beverage line to ignite thoughtful and transformative conversations.

In an era characterized by rapid change, diverse perspectives, and sometimes stark polarization, fostering genuine, meaningful dialogue is essential. ThinkUp Conversations utilizes our signature Talk beverages – including Talk Tea, Talk H2O, and our exquisite organic Talk Orange Hibiscus drink – to unveil insightful prompts and messages. These serve as catalysts, sparking discussions that transcend ordinary interactions and forge deeper, more authentic connections.

When you invite me to your event, you’re not just securing a keynote speaker; you’re embracing an enriching experience that resonates on multiple levels. My presentations are designed to inspire, motivate, and challenge audiences to see the world through a new lens. The incorporation of the Talk beverage line adds a unique, interactive dimension, creating shared moments of reflection and conversation that amplify the event’s impact.

Dear Event Organizers

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, bereavement gathering, private celebration, non-profit function, or special life milestone such as birthdays and anniversaries, ThinkUp Conversations adapts seamlessly to fit the occasion. Our approach brings a sophisticated, heartfelt touch to every event, creating memorable experiences that resonate deeply with all participants.

By selecting ThinkUp Conversations, you are investing in an experience that promises to leave a lasting and meaningful impression on your audience. Let us create an environment where ideas flow freely, and connections are forged through the simple yet profound act of sharing a drink and a conversation.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring ThinkUp Conversations to your next event, helping your audience unlock new insights and foster enduring connections.

With warmth and anticipation,

Sophia Bishop 

Your Conversation Alchemist

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